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pick up & drop off

 We are extending a helping hand to Brockville and the Leeds - Grenville area. Our Pick-up & Drop-off ministry is TOTALLY FREE. If you have some items to donate but don't have a way to transport them - we can PICK it UP and DROP it OFF for you. 

what we cannot do

We are NOT a moving company, and do not possess the resources to show up and move your home. We do not have the man power, nor do we own the equipment to do the work of professional "movers".   

We can't always show up when it's convenient for you; we do the best we can, but we receive numerous calls and emails. We will provide you a day and time for pick-up ASAP.

We do NOT take everything you are giving away. As a rule of thumb, if our local thrift stores won't take it, neither can we;  including items from pet-friendly or smoker's homes.

We do not have a storage unit to store charitable gifts being donated, and we can't take what nobody wants.  

what we do

We are offering our community access to a free delivery with our pick-up truck and trailer.


We are a third party service who take your items where you need them to go.


We work with our local thrift stores in our area.

YES, this service is 100% FREE; we trust the LORD to provide every need.


Can we deliver outside Brockville?

Yes, we do.

Our focus is to serve the counties of Leeds-Grenville, but our limit is a single trip.

Will we take a piano?


Piano's are very heavy, and we don't have the resources to handle such heavy items.

Can we pick-up and drop-off the same day?


We receive many inquiries, but we will reply asap.  

Do we take mattresses and box springs?


We are "middle men", and can only deliver what someone will take or use. 

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